Pre Holiday Result for Jamie

Before a family holiday we had a spare day and I had already talked to Jamie (my son) about the idea of going to a local pond and catching a few smaller carp after a few longer sessions at Linear recently. He was instantly on board and so we were set, I had a few … Continue reading Pre Holiday Result for Jamie

10 tips to better carpy photos

I will start by saying this is not about being a top photographer, or using the best photographic techniques. What I am trying to help with is getting better photos with whatever tools are at hand. I only ever use a phone to take photos these days but hope you will agree they come out … Continue reading 10 tips to better carpy photos

Well I didn’t Expect That!!

As I sat in the car having packed away, my boy Jamie said to what a fish. I could do nothing but smile, nod and agree. Let’s go back to the beginning. It was May bank holiday and I was scouring the pages of the internet and social media to see how busy everywhere … Continue reading Well I didn’t Expect That!!

5 Ways to Fish Balanced Baits

Balanced hookbaits are one of my favourite methods and can be deadly when you want to fish your hookbait on the deck. I rarely use a full bottom bait on the hook as i always want to negate the weight of the hook allowing the hookbait to either behave naturally or be very bouyant ensuring … Continue reading 5 Ways to Fish Balanced Baits

Inset Day at Boyd Valley Lake

It was the last day of the Easter holidays and a day with no plans became a quick trip to a local lake with plenty of fish in. It had been a while since I had been 'tiddler bashing' and was looking forward to hopefully getting a few bites. I have fished Boyd Valley many … Continue reading Inset Day at Boyd Valley Lake

St. Johns Owes Me…

So there it was, the first week of spring and while the snow had only just melted the temperatures were on the rise and the evenings were becoming lighter. Having fished through the winter on various venues I had become accustomed to the cold and bare banks and while this particular winter has been kind … Continue reading St. Johns Owes Me…